Croatia: establishment of a special office for large taxpayers

Amendments to the Act on Tax Administration approved by the Croatian Parliament include the establishment of a special office for large taxpayers by the Tax Authorities.

Currently approximately 600 of Croatia’s largest companies generate HRK 400 billion (EUR 54 billion) in revenues, pay 46% of total taxes and contributions, and employ 25% of the total workforce. However, currently 95% of tax audits are performed on small companies that in total generate less than 40% of the tax revenue.

Establishing a special office for large taxpayers should unify and optimize the Tax Authorities’ actions and methods for auditing a small number of very important taxpayers.

The Ministry of Finance will set the criteria for determining the large taxpayers that are subject to monitoring and audit by the office for large taxpayers. The criteria will be based on business activity and revenue.

Currently, based on the General Tax Act, large companies are considered to be those as defined in the Accounting Act that meet at least two of the following criteria: assets worth more than HRK 130 million (EUR 17 million); revenue exceeding HRK 260 million (EUR 35 million) and number of employees exceeding 250.


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