Czech Republic: the VAT Act amendment introduces important changes

At the end of September 2012 the Czech Chamber of Deputies approved the VAT Act amendment that should come into force in January 2013.

VAT payers. The amendment introduces changes in the definition of VAT payer, person identified for VAT and related changes of VAT registration. Persons, not registered for VAT, who become liable to declare VAT on goods acquired from another Member State or on services received from a person established outside the Czech Republic, as well as such persons providing services having place of supply in another Member State, will no longer be required to register as “standard” VAT payers, but they become persons identified for VAT.

As such the person identified for VAT will not be obliged to tax its effected local transactions, but will only pay VAT from received supplies without being entitled to deduct related input VAT.

Obligation to report account numbers. Bank account numbers of VAT payers will be publicly disclosed in the VAT payers register. The recipient of the supply will be liable for any unpaid VAT of the supplier in case he makes a payment to other than the disclosed bank account.


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