Croatia: Real estate tax

Croatia new Real estate tax. The Ministry of Finance has presented the new real estate tax, which is expected to come into force on 1 April 2013. With the introduction of this new tax, communal fees, the vacation house tax and the city tax will probably be cancelled.

Real estate, both that has already been built and that is under construction will be subject to tax. Individuals and companies that have taxable real estate at their disposal will be liable to pay this tax.

A tax rate of 1.5% will apply to 70% of the fiscal value of the real estate in question. The fiscal value is defined as the market value of real estate and once defined it is applied without change up to the following mandatory legal assessment (five years).

The Croatia Real estate tax envisages the following allowances on the taxable base (defined as 70% of fiscal value): permanent residence (from 88% up to 95% of the taxable base), occasional residence (from 70% up to 85% of the taxable base), business use (80% for real estate related to industry and manufacturing, health care, education, real estate of non-profit organizations provided that they are engaged in a business activity, 60% for real estate in lease, construction, transport and warehousing, catering industry, 40% for commerce, 20% for other real estate used for a business activity).

Allowances are applicable to legally registered real estate only. Property tax paid will have to be paid on an annual basis in monthly instalments.


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