Lithuania: Credit agreement

Credit agreement termination fee. In case a loan granted by a bank to a client is repaid before the end of the credit agreement and it is considered that such an agreement is completed, but under the terms of the agreement the client is obliged to pay a certain agreement termination fee, such a fee is considered as remuneration for an agreement termination service. It should therefore be treated as taxable income.

Calculation of taxable value of land in 2013. For the tax period 2013 the taxable value of land used for agricultural purposes has to be determined by multiplying an average market value of a land by the ratio of 0,35. If an average market value of this land increased compared to 2012, 80% of the increase has to be deducted from the taxable value calculated in 2013 and the remaining taxable value should be multiplied by 0,35. During the tax periods from 2013 to 2017, a tax due for land used for agricultural purposes cannot exceed LTL 1 per 1 are.


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