Czech Republic: financial statements

Alessandro PasutFines for failing to deposit financial statements: the new penalties envisage the imposition of a procedural fine of up to CZK 100,000 if a corporation disobeys a request by the courts for the submission of documents. In the event of a repeated breach or if disobeying the courts has serious consequences for third parties and there is legal interest, proceedings on the dissolution of the corporation with liquidation can be initiated. The court of registration informs the corporation that proceedings have been initiated and offers a term during which the situation can be rectified.

The Act also stipulates a rebuttable presumption that a member of a statutory body who repeatedly does not deposit the documents, is in breach of the duty to act with all due professional care. It is for the member himself to rebut the presumption. The consequences of a breach of due professional care will be adjudged in accordance with a new and substantially stricter Corporations Act.

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