Bulgaria: Specialized VAT fraud unit

Alessandro PasutBulgaria’s Deputy Finance Minister has confirmed plans for the formation of a specialized unit within the National Revenue Agency to deal exclusively with value-added tax (VAT) fraud in relation to high risk goods transiting through Bulgaria.
The unit will focus entirely on intra-Community transactions by electronically registering goods imported into, or exported from Bulgaria, or goods placed in customs warehouses bound for other European Union member states.
The unit would in particular look at the trade in known high-risk goods, such as mobile phones, with teams based at five border checkpoints along the nation’s frontiers with Greece and Romania. They would be responsible for checking consignments in vehicles, and tax documentation.
GPS devices are also to be deployed in sealed goods containers allowing for vehicles to be tracked in real time. This would tackle a type of VAT fraud that manipulates EU rules covering zero-rate goods exported to other member states. It would serve to prevent high-value goods, declared as being exported to the European Union, being replaced by lower-value equivalents. Under this type of fraud, the high-value goods, instead of being exported, are sold to the domestic market free from value-added tax.

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