Lack of standards blocks products from Kosovo
The economy of Kosovo keeps to be uncompetitive in front of producers of the region and EU member Countries. Kosovo’s faces accordingly a high trade deficit.
In the absence of standards and state subsidies, Kosovo’s products cannot manage to penetrate in the domestic market, let alone regional and international markets.
The local expert Mr. Nexhat Hasani says that manufacturers do not have a lot of knowledge about the criteria and standards required by the European Union and this is itself a big problem. Even the origin of the products, also animal products, is not known and the European Union does not accept it since the local certifications not in line with the European directives.
Further than this, it is well known that Kosovo’s manufacturers face many difficulties in obtaining loans, especially for the early stages of development. Such lack of sources reduces their access to new technologies and innovation.
Kosovo’s manufacturers also call on institutions of the Country to create favorable tax policies with the aim of boosting export.
Without such criteria, the situation will possibly remain with the described deficit.

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