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Medical Tourism in Russia

Medical tourism to Russia has exploded recently thanks to the ruble’s exchange rate. The Government aims to promote such tourism creating medical visas.
Mr. Onishchenko (President of the Medical Tourism Association) thinks that state-supported medical tourism sector would be extremely lucrative the government.
The minister of Health, Veronika Skvortsova, stated that in 2015 10.000 foreigners, due to the ruble rate exchange, spent in Russia an estimated 7-10 billion rubles ($112-160 million) on treatment.
Looking at examples, a well-known Russian journal calculated that the cost of a coronary artery bypass graft surgery would cost $ 130.000,00 in the USA, 18.500,00 $ in Singapore while the cost in Moscow would be between 2.400,00 and 8.000,00 $.
According to a report drafted by Visa and Oxford Economics, medical tourists will leave $349 billion in cash in popular medical tourism destinations around the world. This is why many scientist and expert are advising Russia to create a new type of visa for foreigners seeking treatments.

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