Romania is the second Country in EU by October’s retail trade growth.

In October 2016, the volume of Romania’s retail trade increased by 8.7 percent in October 2016 compared to October 2015.

In this way, Romania became second only to Luxembourg in the EU ranking by retail trade growth according to the European Statistical Office (Eurostat).
In the EU28, the 3.5 percent increase in the retail trade volume is due to the 4.9 percent rise in sales of non-food products, the 2.5 percent growth is sales of food, drinks and tobacco, and of the 1.7 percent advance in for automotive fuel sales.
The highest monthly increases in the total retail trade volume in Europe were registered in Slovenia (+3.7 percent), Luxembourg (+2.9 percent), Germany (+2.4 percent) and the United Kingdom (+2.0 percent).
Romania’s National Institute of Statistics announced that compared to the previous month October’s retail turnover (except for trade in motor vehicles and motorcycles) was up 7.9 percent as raw series, and 10% expressed as workday and seasonally adjusted series.
Source: Agerpres


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