Based on the applications for investor certificates, the InvestBulgaria Agency informed about the possible investment of 400 million leva and work for the creation of 6000 new jobs during the 2017.
Such investment should be directed in sectors like information and communication technology, electrical equipment and machinery, textiles and clothing, chemical products, rubber, plastics and other non-metallic mineral products and food products.
Mr Stamen Yanev from InvestBulgaria Agency pointed that there is the need to train a skill labor force that would be needed for the investors who expect highly skilled workers: one of the challenges facing Bulgaria.
From the beginning of 2017 to date, the InvestBulgaria Agency has certified four new projects for an amount of 130 million leva and the potentiality to create 3330 new jobs.
The companies whose projects were given certificates included Integrated Microelectronics Bulgaria, Coca Cola, Lufthansa Technik, and many others.
The laws in Bulgaria entitles the agency to exempt businesses from corporate tax if they invest in areas with high unemployment. In 2016, the agency exempted 19 projects from corporate income tax, while in turn, 83.5 million leva will be invested in such areas.
(Source: B.N.com)

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