NLB Bank Sale/Meeting with the European Commission

The Slovenian Government is committed to sell NLB by the end of 2017 in the environment of the restructuring plan that served as a basis for the European Commission’s approval of state aid to the bank in the 2013 bailout. So there is no official request by the Government to the European Commission to get an extension (as the Slovenian media have been telling for months).
This is at least what was said by Vraničar Erman who took over as Slovenia’s finance minister in September.
She  and the European commissioner agreed on continued close cooperation to ensure that the commitments were respected to the maximum extent possible.
The Finance Ministry points that the goal of selling the NLB (after it also Abanka) was to maximize the return of funds that the state invested in the repair of both banks.
The minister said Slovenia today did not propose an extension of the deadline for the sale of NLB, but continued with the planned procedures and there is the will do achieve such goal without any extension of the agreed deadline.
The above also considering that for an extension of the deadline the European commission would certainly ask a straining of other commitments in exchange.
After the meeting the European Commission’s comment was that the commitment of the Slovenian authorities remain that to put forward the restructuring plans of NLB until December 2017, and that will monitor and remain in contact with the Slovenian representatives.
(Source: The Slovenia Times)

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