Alessandro_Pasut_4Albania: small businesses keep the economy alive.

Those businesses which employ only between 1-4 people are an added value for the Albanian economy in general.
The Albanian Institute of Statistics says that such businesses make up for 89.3% of all businesses in the Country and at the same time realize 14.3% of the total number of sales.
This situation is explained by the tax facilities given to small business that employs one to four people and which individually declares a low level of turnover, although these small businesses have the highest level of turnover. They are Such businesses include coffee shops, pizza restaurants, betting points, etc which do not request high initial investment.
In Albania out of a total of 104.534 businesses 93.376 employ 1-4 people.
Out of 104.534 businesses active in the country during 2015, 93.376 of them employed 1-4 people. A significant level compared to 1.031 businesses that employ more than 50 people or 4300 businesses that employ 10-49 people.
The number of private enterprises offering services in Albania is growing and occupies 20,8% of the growth’s level.
In terms of the number of businesses, the highest number belongs to the trading sector, namely 43.1%, followed by hotels and restaurants with 17.8%. The trade sector also has the highest level of net sales, namely 48.3% of the total and the highest level of employment, 25.7% of the total in 2015.
(Source: I. B. N. A.)

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