Slovenia, Visit of Hong Kong’s secretary of commerce




Visit of Hong Kong’s secretary of commerce

Slovenia signed with Hong Kong a memorandum of understanding on cooperation regarding wine trade.
Accordingly, they will work to facilitate wine trade.
The aim of the Hong Kong secretary visit was not only the increase of wine trading but also to build a better cooperation also in economy and investments in general.
About the Slovenian wine, he said “this wine is perfect. It has a full, very fruity taste. Teran is the right wine for our market.”
In 2016 Slovenia imported wine worth 1.4bn euros and exported more than half a billion’s worth to China.
Slovenian Minister Židan said also that there is also a lot of potential in tourism, economy and investment with Hong Kong and that concrete proposals will follow in the next few days.
Židan also hopes that Hong Kong will use Slovenia as the door to enter the EU.
On Monday, the Hong Kong Trade and Economic Development Office, the Slovenia Times, and JT Business Development will organize an event to promote business ties with Hong Kong.
(Source: The Slovenia Times)

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